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 In France the control, and exploitation, of immigrants is central to the policies of all political parties and although unemployment is a national problem, people despise the young unemployed immigrants. Social discrimination mixes up with racism and brings hell to the housing estates. Fights take place between the police and the youth. Regularly suburbs across France explode into uprisings when young immigrants are killed by the police.

Since the late 70's, young immigrants have organised to fight back, especially the young beur (a slang word for Arab) and the emerging militant "beur movement" achieved some important successes in the early 1980's. This documentary explores this movement by following some of the young people who have been active throughout the last decade, focusing on their lives and activities today. Their parents also speak about their own experience of racism in French society, such as the massacre of over 200 Algerians by police in Paris in October 1961. This combination of the militancy of the youth and the experience of the older generation is now firmly on the political agenda and is challenging the French model of the Republic; "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" - for whom?

Winner Mentione Speciale Festival Images du Monde Arabe and the Milano Province Prize 5th Festival of African Cinema

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