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Even as the West celebrated the victory of the fall of the Berlin Wall immigrant communities in Germany could foresee a wave of racism unleashed against them. This film explores nationalism, racist murders and the need for self-defence of immigrant communities following unification.

'Germany - The Other Story' focuses on two racist murders - that of a Turkish youth, Ufuk Sahin, in West Germany and of an Angolan worker, Antonio Amadeau, in the East and also includes the case of a Turkish youth, Ayhan Ozturk, who killed a German in self-defence. The film features interviews with the families concerned and reconstructs each case with eye-witness accounts. Germany's black and migrant communities speak out openly about the increasing racism in the 'new' Germany, about how the anti-immigrant policies of the State threatens them and about how they are organising the self-defence of their communities.

Winner of Platform Europe Award.

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